Wez Tyres Co holds the dealership in Uganda for PREMIUM and MID RANGE global tyre brands namely; FARROAD SAFERICH, GALAXIA, ARDENT , VITOUR, BARKLEY, GINELL & BIRLA Tyres.


Are you looking for decent reliable tires, quality, a comfortable ride, long mileage, heavy loading light truck tires, less noisy tires, good designs, performance sports tires we are the solution for today.

All Customers are Welcome


FARROAD Tires-being our Flag ship midrange brand manufactures all types of Passenger Car tyres from Saloon Car Tyres, Sedans and Sports Utility vehicle Tyres (SUVs)

The Galaxia Tires are SUV mid range Tyres that cater for our European Car SUVs such as RANGE ROVER ,MERCEDES, and BMW

VITOUR Tyres being our Premium Performance Tyres for those looking for Sports performance tires

We also have Tyre accessories; Wez Pathfinder Inner Tubes Made in India and Wheels both Tube Type and Tubeless Truck and Light Truck Wheels.


Our Tyre Service Centre on Semawatta Road Ntinda Kampala is always stocked and ready to serve our Kampala Customers with services such as Balancing and Wheel alignment.

We currently keep tyre stocks in our kampala warehouse with sales outlets on Ben kiwanuka Street and Nakivubo Road [Nabugabo Area] and the majority of customers currently are Traders from Uganda`s country side, and Kampala local retailers sourcing for decent midrange tires.